The Art of Computer Repair and Modification

In today's life, it is apparent that computers are as important as mobile phones. Indeed, keeping up with the current trends in technological evolution has become part of the basic life. Gadgets such as laptops and smart-phones have become very important components in individual's home and workplaces. However, these gadgets are prone to malfunction. Therefore, a computer engineer or a technician becomes a very vital person in this day and age.

Understanding Computers

A computer is a device that can be feed instructions to perform an arbitrary set of logical or arithmetic automatically. IT technicians are individuals with deep understanding of the functions, capabilities, or the workings of a computer. A technician is capable of identifying a malfunction in a computer by simply observing its behavior. A qualified technician will ask on the behaviors of the computer on consultation before troubleshooting. The most common malfunctions are as follows;

o Operating system associated malfunctions
o Overheating
o Random access memory (RAM) malfunction
o Blue screen of death (BSoD)
o Power supply malfunction
o Connecting cables malfunction

Computer Repair and Modification

Computer repair is a necessary procedure in the function of computers. Different areas have different technicians. One of the best places you can find the most qualified technicians is Red Deer. Red Deer a city in central Alberta in Canada. It has the most number of IT experts than any other city in the world. They offer services such as security camera system installation, wireless security systems and mobile computer repair services. Majority of clients in Canada prefer computer or laptop repair Red Deer , or products with the Red Deer logo due to the quality of their products. Most common problems associated with computers can be categorized in two types;
o Software related malfunctions
o Hardware related malfunctions

#1 Software Related Malfunction

This is the most common defect in computers. Computers need software's in order to function, the most necessary is the operating system. Different computer brands have different operating systems; Windows from Microsoft is the most commonly used operating system. Apart from Microsoft, other manufacturers such as Apple use IOS as their operating systems. In addition, these systems need other systems to operate with users installing different software to suit their operators work and needs. However, subjected to improper management they malfunction and seize to operate. Therefore, the services of a technician are required. Software related problems are repaired using software tools. The tools functions by either restoring the software to its original state or replacing them.

# Hardware Related Malfunctions

Computer hardware with a malfunction can be repaired using appropriate tools by a technician or a computer expert. The tools used are as follows;
o Screwdrivers
o Pliers
o Tweezers
o Crimper
o Part retriever